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Why do you make dolls like this?

The primary motive behind creating these dolls is to promote awareness and education about the various ways individuals can be born. This is essential because judgment and bullying often stem from misinformation. By utilizing the universal language of art, I aim to combat this issue.

Another big reason is to help parents of chidlren and children who are born different so they have a doll that represents them!

How long does it take for you to sculpt one doll

Depending on the size of the doll it can take me any were from 3 weeks to 4 years because when I am making a different doll I do months and months of studying. Most conditions unfortunately do not have very much information on them so I do my best to research to represent each condition respectfully .

What are these dolls made of?

All of my dolls start out being made of Polymer clay when I am making a one of a kind doll they are then cured and painted with acrylic paint and put together with all of the supplies all made my my family and I !(such as knit outfits and props)

How long does the vinyl process take?

This can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months

Firstly the vinyl process is making a doll into the traditional doll material a soft hollow plastic cast. This is painted and rooted to make a reborn look and feel like a real baby.

Once I have sculpted and cured a doll. They are sent to a factory to be made into a vinyl blank kit.

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